morpheia_7 (morpheia_7) wrote,

I am eating carrots, now, and am not writing poetry. A carrot accidentally went up my nose. It did not feel very good. I am bored out of my mind. I have some math homework to do, but the book is in my other bag which is in the closet which I would have to get up to open and then bend down to pull up the bag and then open the bag and then take out the book and put it on my desk and go through all of those other steps in reverse and then start thinking about math, and I am getting tired just thinking about bending down. I must be very old. My thoughts have stopped, now, and actually I am just sitting here and not doing anything and I think it is quite wonderful that my fingers keep typing even though I am not really thinking about anything. I think I am going to sit here and see what else they have to say. I wonder if it will be interesting.

I rested my head on my arms to get into a more comfortable position for the reading, which never appeared, because my hands were supporting my chin and not typing. There are no more carrots in my nose, I think, but the back of my throat does not feel very good, and I think if I sneezed really hard small carrot pieces might come out. I was about to write "sneezed hardly" but then I realized that that would mean exactly the opposite. How funny. Oh, I hate it when people make cliché observation-comments about language. And awkward hyphenated words. I swear, that was not meant to be artsy at all.

I ran into someone I used to live with today randomly on the street. I almost literally ran into him, but I stepped to the side. That's funny, I think, that I ran into him on the street, because a lot of times people say that they ran into someone on the street, but they usually mean they ran into them in a store or at an appointment or with a car, which is about as close to the literal meaning as they ever get, but I actually almost literally ran into him on the street. Er, well, it was on the sidewalk, actually, but that's sort of like the street. It is right next to the street. It is metonymically the street.

I don't really have anything else to say, I don't think, except that I wish things would happen in a way that I would want them to happen, and I hope that is what I mean and that the people who matter know what it means.
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